In troll mythology, The One who Tends is the God of Waters and is responsible for the creation of all living things.

In MythologyEditEdit

The Tends originally traversed the Void Between Worlds before finding an opening to the planet that The One who Carves had barely finished construction of. The Carver welcomed him, and created fortresses within which they could rest once The Tender had finished his work. The Tender took a star from his pocket from a world long since dead, and held it close to the planet. Water formed, and by swaying the star back and forth tides were formed, and rivers, and lakes. The Tender left the water star in the sky, which eventually became to be known as The Moon.

Once their work was done, The Carver and The Tender laid down their tools where they finished, and retired to their respective homes. It is believed that when The Tender dies, the life essence of the world will slowly drift away without direction to new bodies, and all plants and animals will die childless.

As a figure of worshipEditEdit

The Tender is revered amongst Trolls, though he is the younger of the two Gods, for he is the most powerful. He is worshipped on Tender's Day.  The Trolls pray that he lives for a year more, and that he might give them the insight to fill the gap that he leaves upon his eventual demise.

Trolls are known to plant huge forests in honour of The Tender.

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