In troll mythology, The One who Carves is the God of Stones and is responsible for the formation of the world.

In MythologyEdit

The Carver originally traversed the Void Between Worlds before finding an opening to the space that would eventually become ours. The Carver took the rocks strewn through the skies and slowly melded them together to create a planet, with many deep chasms and tall mountains, which he forged using the power of the sun.

When The One who Tends came to the world shortly after, The Carver welcomed him, and created fortresses within which they could rest once The Tender had finished with the forests and the animals. 

Once their work was done, The Carver and The Tender laid down their tools where they finished, and retired to their respective homes. It is believed that when The Carver dies, the stones of the world will decay without maintenance, causing the planet to eventually crack in half.

As a figure of worshipEdit

The Carver is revered amongst Trolls, for he is the elder of the two Gods and of the image of the troll race. He is worshipped on Carver's Day ,  on which all Trolls lay down their tools and ascend to the closest peak, where they gather with each other for silent prayer, followed by a feast. The Trolls pray that he lives for a year more, and that he might give them the insight to fill the gap that he leaves upon his eventual demise.

Trolls have been known to construct huge monuments to The Carver, though none are known to have been constructed in the continent.

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