The "Old Forest", also known as the "Oldwood" is a large spruce forest stretching from the Silver plains of the south and Bade Hille in the North. It is supposedly haunted, and is almost entirely depopulated because of it. Multiple cultures tell stories that warn people not to adventure in the woods.

The origination of these superstitions is unknown, but they have had a strong effect on the development of the area. Though the edges of the forest have some people living within, the core of the forest is seen as the doom of anybody who goes in.

The Holfolken are known to say "Whatever spawns in the Oldwood is evil. Do not trust anything or anyone that comes out."

The Black Oaks north are thought to be an relatively new offshoot of the Oldwood. While also believed to be infested with unnatural forces, the Black Oaks are somewhat less hostile to trespassers—assuming proper respect is shown.

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