"True art; old habits."

The Cathedral was the capital city of The Churchlands, resident to a large population of Underlings until it's destruction at the hands of Tolui Khan in 70BE. 

In 5BE, the city was handed to Master Haru along with a small group of trolls by Khaidu Khan under the orders to repair it as a fortress.


Scholars have translated the works of the Underlings in order to learn the history of Cathedral and the surrounding areas. It is stated in these texts that the mountain that houses Cathedral was found in the 'light years', during which the city itself was dug and carved over many years.

The Underlings RiseEdit

The Underlings, as they called themselves, were a society of peoples who inhabited Cathedral and worshipped the single deity Nul. The Underlings believed all live to be inferior to Nul, and so seeked to mine far below the ground to awaken him so that he might destroy all life. However, as time passed, the followers of Nul grew restless, and a hierachy amongst them was established against the code that they had previously held themselves to. Under the rules of these High Underlings, the inhabitants of Cathedral slowly branched out and took the Churchlands with alarming speed, killing anyone who refused to bend to their God's will.

Relations with The Silver KhanateEdit

When Tolui opened negotiations with Cathedral in 80BE, the two factions failed to get along. The High Underling demanded that Tolui and the Khanate bend the knee to Nul, and come under his reign. Tolui demanded that Cathedral bend the knee to him, and cast aside their leadership of the city.

Neither nation would reconcile with the other, and so war was declared shortly after. The Khanate layed siege to The Churchlands, and took many of the settlements save for Cathedral itself, as Tolui's peoples were not suited for siege machines. Though the Khanate watched the only two possible exits and entrances, Cathedral managed to survive healthily for eight years without any apparant outsider aid. It is said that Tolui Khan was so enraged by this that he razed all of the towns and villages he had taken to the ground, and destroyed the ruins. Shortly after, Cathedral fell, though Tolui refused to disclose his tactics. 

As the Khanate took Cathedral, they executed every Underling they found. Many areas of the city were closed off by collapsing the roof, leaving only small areas still available to explore. Tolui never settled the city, and sealed the gates shortly after taking it so that they could never be opened again.

Fall of the Khanate and Subsequent ReclaimingEdit

As the Khanate fell around 5BE, Khaidu Khan sorely sought cities to settle and repurpose as strategic points. Cathedral was one of his first choices, being the key to reclaiming the Churchlands, and so it was gifted to Master Troll Haru and a small contingency of architects, scholars and warriors. 

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