The Sun Cult is a system of religion worshiping the sun, transposing a godly diety into the role of the sun. Often, the sun is proclaimed as the creator, the protector, the guardian warrior spirit of mankind. In the battle against the Lunar Influences the Sun is the moral opposite to the representation of death, destruction, and decay.

The Sun is often invoked in fire, or at day when it is at its zenith or arrival. The power of the sun is often cited in its destruction of the walking dead.

The Sun in Holfolk mythologyEdit

Sölvulus is the Holfolk sun-god and is believed to be the God Father of the Holfolk people and the Grossevaden. Sölvulus is cited as being the High King of heaven, presiding over the other sub-dieties in the Pantheon of Nature. In his worship he may be invoked through one of a hundred names, though Söl or Sol is the popular form to invoke him in.

Traditionally, Söl was worshiped at great Stone Henges where. These astrologically arranged stones helped to frame and capture the sky and to direct the worshiper to his morning and evening avatars where his influence is most coveted (morning for vanquishing the night, and evening to plead for his rapid return). Though in recent days there has been a rising influence of enclosed spaces or worship out of a rising desire for physical protection from the Dreag.

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