As long as trolls are still trolling, the Rick will never stop rolling.

The world of Melty Yak is a strange one, filled with sights both great and terrible.

Ensouled SpeciesEdit

Humans: The most common race by far, humans have endured thanks to sensible paranoia and steadfast philosophies. As they often say, "Never not be afraid!"

Trolls: A tall, hairless race from the far south, trolls stand ten feet tall and breed about as quickly as the rocks they somewhat resemble. There is a subrace called trölls that hails from the north.

Elves: As long as anyone remembers, Elves have always lurked in the eastern reaches of the continent. No one is quite sure what elves are like as they're fairly secretive and untrusting of outsiders. Its believed most Elven society is tribal to a large degree.


Giant Spiders: While most of their kind are dumb beasts, spiders nearby ruins have been said to possess remarkable cunning. Some stories even claim the beasts can speak.

Beasts, Vermin, and Aberrant LifeEdit

Vikes: A breed of fierce draconic beasts roughly the size of horses. Called wyverns or "night furies" by southerners, vikes are said to be the spawn of some horrific abomination of shadow. Vikes are extremely stealthy and extremely vicious, and are ridden by vikelings. Vikes do not exist on the continent.

Giant Spiders: These terrifying creatures come in many varieties—from the elusive trapdoor spiders of the Khanate to the crab spiders of the elven jungles. Giant spiders are feared for their wolf-like cunning, tremendous speed, and amazing senses.

Zombies/Skeletons: This land is cursed with the presence of these terrifying undead. It is because of them that even the Sandsouls take pains to burn the bodies of those they kill.

TIRBES: A mighty species from the south. Though essentially humans, tirbes developed a taboo about loving non-family members. Due to a surprisingly prevelant practice of inbreeding, tirbes have turned into deranged raiders. Tirbes are known by some as orcs.




Nether Monsters:


Plants and FungiEdit

Fairy Mushrooms: Enormous mushrooms believed to be the homes of fairies and known to be the nom-noms of Sandsouls.

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