Jarulians are Aethyrins (Inhabitants of the dry plains of Ithyalor), believing highly in trust and honor; moreso than they believe their religious doctrines. They have lived in relative peace with their Elven neighbors since ancient times; although how to go about their relations with the elves has caused numerous splits within their societies. Leading to the word 'Jarulian' just being a catch-all for humans in Ithyalor.


Jarulians are generally taller than other Human subraces, often with blonde or red hair. They're generally strong and when needed can be fast runners across open plains.


The exact origins of the Jarulians is unknown. Many Jarulians just agree they were put there, in Ithyalor; To protect the dry plains at all costs. However some believe they're the creation of Elven witchcraft, and seek to kill off the Elves in hopes of freeing themselves from mortality. Others think their great ancestors were chased into Ithyalor, and thus view anything beyond Ithyalor as pure evil needed to be slain.

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  • Jarulians is a "Catch-all" term for humans in Ithyalor. At one time its believed Jarulians were one people, but they have since seperated into numerous tribes.
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