"Never not be afraid."

The most populous race on the continent, humans have proven to be as successful at conquering as they are at multiplying.


Traits especially prevalent in human cultures include:

  • Pragmatism. Humans evolved without the benefit of resistance to disease, huge muscles, or even just half-decent night vision. Realizing they were the weakest in a hostile world, they learned when to run, when to hide, and when to run really fast.
  • Industry. Humans breed and build quickly, creating sprawling metropolises in the time it takes an elf village to add two new members.
  • Community. Humans depend upon each other for survival.


Vikelings: Small, wiry and pale-skinned and -haired, these humans of the north hate the heat and have no concept of personal space.

Westerners: With coal-black skin and dark hair usually done up in ponytails, the natives of the far-off Wild West to the distant east are formal and unforgiving of slights.

Jarulians: Tall, and fairly muscular; often with blonde or red hair. Jarulians believe highly in trust, loyalty and honor; Often holding it to a higher regard than their religious beliefs. They're native to the dry plains in the eastern reaches of the continent.

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