An Elven hunter stalking prey in a forest

Elves are a race most commonly found in the eastern reaches of the continent. They live in mostly tribal societies, sometimes nomadic. Some Elven cities exist, although most tend to be unwelcoming to outsiders. Elves are considered tricksters by most other races.

Common TraitsEdit

Traits commonly found in Elves include;

  • Low numbers. Elves are slow to reproduce, possibly they are the slowest race to reproduce. However Elves tend to live longer than most other races.
  • Agile. Although humanoid in appearence, the body structure of an elf allows them to be far more agile and lighter than most humans; However most elves are incapable of attaining the same body strength most adult male humans have.
  • Creative/Innovative. Elves strive to find ways of doing things quicker, and more efficiently than other races.
  • Hearing. Elves tend to have longer ears than other races, and are able to hear a wider range of sounds.
  • Trickery. Elves are tricksters by instinct. Most enjoy causing pain and mischief to the unsuspecting, although some Elves manage to avoid giving into this natural lust. Most races are untrusting of Elves because of their trickery. Due to their lust to cause pain and make it last, they're good at torture.

Tribes (Ethnicities)Edit

High Elves: The high elves were the most ambitious of their race, using careful organization to consolidate their forces within a single city. High elves tended towards dark hair and highly angular features. High elves are now extinct.

Aersha: Elves of the Sea. Renowned for their sailing, yet untrusted. The Aersha have a great love of the sea, and simply enjoy sailing. They're fascinated by their own ships as well as ships of other groups, they're always striving to find better ways to make ships or make them go faster.

Cael'Ali: Elves of the forest.The Cael'Ali are believed to be unseen protectors of the forests they inhabit. Very little is known of them aside from their keen marksmanship and ability to hide very well in forests and jungles.

Naean: A near ancient Elven tribe, known as the first to organize into a fearsome army. Although some say High Elves were the first to truly organize, Naeans were the first to master combat on horseback. Believeing in great speed and agility, Naeans have become a fearsome fighting force; Making up most if not all of the Numizian Riders.

Nybrar: Master artisans within Elven cultures. The Nybrar are famed for their philosophical teachings and competence with metal working, along with being architects and tinkerers.


  • An unknown group is said to have once tried sending a messenger to recruit some elves as torturers. The messenger was sent back to the group piece by piece, each piece was accompanied by a note making great mockery of the group.
  • The Aersha, Naean and Nybrar are Aethyrins.
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