Oh day! The warmth of our champion Sun raises our crops and protects us from the night. Oh day! The time of life and beauty. Oh day! We have represented you well and died when your light wavered. We will love your light until your light has vanished, and then we will perish at its memory.

The first day followed the creation of the earth in the void. The forces of creation gave the world the heavenly bodies as watchers. The Sun stood vigil during the day, where it nursed man and beast and watched them prosper. One thousand species of cousins to men raised cities together and they praised the love and light of their Sun.

The Moon, that cold body, nursed the hunters of darkness. Dead flesh was brought back to life to feast on the living and praise the Moon in the same way the living praised the Sun. And in these early days, night and day were separate of world rather than time, and the Moon was bequethed to the Sun.

But the Moon denied it's marriage to the Sun. Oh Moon, you right bitch! She broke the betrothal by breaking the divide, and the children of the moon poured from their realm and invaded the realm of light. A night that lasted one hundred years followed, where no crops grew and no man lived without fear. The Battle for Dawn raged across the hills and valleys, and most of Man's cousins perished in the aftermath. It was on the final sight of battle, on the Field of Dawn, that the survivors threw back the onslaught when they discovered a weapon that could bring the pain to the Moon herself. A truce was forced, that light would followed the dark and darkness would follow the light. When dawn broke on the first day, it was known to be true.


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