North of the Oldwood, technically within the territory of the dreaded Sandsouls, what was once a copse of old trees had grown into what those nearby still call the Black Oaks.

While not nearly as dreaded as the Oldwood, the Black Oaks aren't exactly an ordinary forest. The Sandsouls in particular insist that fairies dwell within, though many scoff at these claims.

The forest is comprised of dark oaks, giant mushrooms, and tremendous wolf spiders.


Year 48 BE An area of oak trees amid the Oldwood begin growing especially tall, denying other trees sunlight. The smaller spruces around them begin to wither and die.

Year 45 BE A sect of cannibal druids slaughter a nearby village. Word of the area becomes sparser for some time.

Year 41 BE Agents of the Khanate find the remains of the village, and also of the sect. The druids appear to have eaten themselves alive.

Year 35 BE The oak trees begin spreading rapidly.

Year 28 BE A village to the north is abandoned. Inhabitants declare the forest to be filled with blasphemous demons of the Moon.

Year 22 BE The Sandsouls arrive in the area. They  begin making sport of the strange creatures within.

Year 16 BE The Sandsouls capture and torture a dryad to death.

Year 15 BE The Vuduvakkle. Sandsouls declare war upon the fairy 'race'.

'Year 6 'BE A so-called 'scientist' named Mort Marril enters the forest to study the fairies. He does not emerge.

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