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An alven hunter stalking prey in a forest.

Alves are a race most commonly found in the western reaches of the continent. They live in mostly tribal societies, sometimes nomadic. A few alven cities have been built, but instances of such happenings are rare.

They were once believed to be related to elves, however most educated scholars quickly disproved this idea.

Common TraitsEdit

Traits commonly found in alves include;

  • Social awkwardness. Alves are naive and often seem completely clueless.
  • Wonder. Alves are constantly in awe of the world about them, looking upon even the most mundane of objects with wide eyes.
  • Jolly attitude. Alves are constantly friendly, speaking in a manner described as "incredibly campy".


Alves are mighty warriors, and while they possess no formal military, their militia has been known to defeat entire armies that are even bigger than them.
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An alf soldier defending his homeland from an invader.

The most notable occurrance of this occurrance occurring occured in the Battle of the Avalanche. In this battle, five alfs defeated an army of no fewer than two thousand soldiers of the Khanate when a freak avalanche buried the enemy force.

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